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Example box

Flap Packaging

Simple box, which needs to be taped from both sides after folding.

Made out of 3 and 5 layered cardboard, grey or white.

Example box

Fashion Packaging

Various shapes with all kinds of cuts, holes,

glued and non-adhesive, trays, gratings, etc.

Example box

Laminated Packaging

A mixture of corrugated cardboard with printed laminate. It results in an elegant,

high quality printed packaging.

Example box

Pizza Packaging

Boxes especially designed to hold pizzas. Available in micro-wave cardboard,

triple wall cardboard (white or grey), laminated or solid cardboard.

Example box

Offset Prints

Including folders, catalogues, leaflets, posters, labels, commercial products.

We can also offer Flexo prints up to 5 colours on polypropylene foils or polyethylene foils and digital risographic print.

Example box

Custom Packaging

Custom designs in order to meet client’s requirements. You are welcome

to use our price valuation page or contact us for more details.

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